Aaron Jacobs

Los Angeles resident Aaron Jacobs doesn't fit inside of a box. Consistently impresses the dance floor with his many different styles to fit the mood and audience while staying true to his own brand of flavor.

Aaron Jacobs’ music speaks from his unique personality; fresh, fun, and adventurous. Aaron’s artistic style defies all classification, driven by a love for all sounds and shapes of music rather than a strict devotion to one style. Aaron’s eclectic and adventurous taste in tunes has kept audiences on their toes ever since he began DJ’ing in his hometown of Santa Fe, and his commitment to solid grooves and sounds has always kept the dance floor moving. He’s been on the move as well, traveling to new destinations in the US and Mexico while managing Wulfpack in Los Angeles and residencies at Burning Man’s legendary day parties at the DISTRIKT sound camp.

Along with co-founder Jamie Schwabl, Aaron organizes the beast known as Wulfpack, Southern California’s most inclusive party crew. Under the Wulfpack banner, Aaron curates the Wulfcast guest mix series, their record label, and the event calendar. Wulfpack boasts an impressive and diverse roster, showcasing the incredible depth of talent in Southern California.

In 2018, Wulfpack partnered with ChinoSound to throw the first Synergy Festival, a weekend of non-stop music in the Mojave desert, with the promise of more to come. Aaron has also been returning to his Drum n’ Bass roots with performances as his alter ego Aaron Jakobs, showcasing his range at bass music stages in addition to the groovy house and techno that has made him a staple of the underground.

You can catch him out playing or partying any given day, soaking in the abundance of good.


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