Aida Arko

Aida Arko is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Vienna, Austria, specializing in Techno.
She established her sound signature as a new wave of hard edge driving techno with a seemingly unusual drone attraction, leaning on a dark percussive industrial tribalesque groove that grinds its way through the airiness of experimental soundscapes.

Having grown up in Iran in the 1990s, Aida was influenced by the Persian underground scene, as well as the wealth of cultural and musical heritage of her home country. 
As a former biology student, she left the academy in pursuit of her real passion: Performance and music. Therefore she left the country in search of her teenage dreams, starting off working with a circus in Dubai and from there touring and traveling globally with a number of teams, performers, and infamous circus shows for several years.

By 2017, after a life changing journey around the globe, she found her base in Austria and turned her years of artistry experience, focusing solely on music.

In 2018, she started organizing her own events, promoting, djing, and hosting floors at the most respected clubs in Vienna, while at the same time touring and working countless hours in the studio, unfolding her own sound.

Fast forwarding to the summer of 2020, where her debut Ep ‘Story Of My Maker’ got released on Phunk Trax, soon followed by her solo track ‘Electrain’ on Gain Records.
By autumn of 2020 she expanded her passion for Techno by starting her own record label named System A with its premiere Ep release ‘Accelerate’ and a successful single release ’Renaissance’ on Suara.

2021 started very well for Aida:
Aida has unleashed a extremely successful Ep named ‘Unholy’ on Suara. All four tracks of the EP have been charted in the Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Chart with the title track ‘Unholy’ being as far up as number 7.

Upcoming releases include ‘Subatomic’ on the respected Austrian record label Meat Recordings, which has received major support from some well established names such as Amelie Lense, who played the track at her BBC Radio1 residency.
As well as tracks on some of the most demanding techno labels such as Soma and Rebekah’s Element Records.


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