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From the beginning, Mexican Attik has always challenged the traditional ways of making electronic music. Perhaps it is his unique way of using mechanical and industrial sounds in his productions that has caught the attention of dance music fans around the world.

Strong, robust, innovative and intelligent are just a few adjectives that describe the Attik production value. His sound is constantly evolving, from his use of futuristic textures and dynamic rhythms, right through to his die hard aggressive approach to making full power psychedelic music.

In spite of his young age, Attik’s discography already includes more than 75 tracks, making him one of the busiest and most sought-after producers and DJs in the scene today. Attik has performed in countries like Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, France, the United States, Hungary, Poland, Brazil and Japan, leaving these international crowds wanting more of his intoxicating sound.

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