Ayako Mori

Ayako Mori
(c) Torben Mathias
Aachen Deutschland

Aachen Germany Based Japanese Techno Dj, Producer. Owner of Physical Techno Recordings and Kalmary Records.

Ayako plays as DJ Mel in clubs in Tokyo Japan(2000-2007), in Ireland (2007-2012), in Poland (2007,2012-2013), in Czech republic (2013), in Germany (2014-),in Belgium (2016), in Netherlands (2018).

As a composer,making sounds and tracks for a living theater "Shelf "volume03 「R.U.R.」at Tokyo, (2004).Her music was on Longstone Remix album of Longstoned (2007), Sakura (2011) on Ochre (UK).In 2013, the first original track " Brane world / Stereophonic recordings "has been chosen to "10 MUST HEAR MINIMAL TRACKS - WEEK 29 " by Beatport.In 2014, Her remix work "EL PUNT (Tokio Mode)/ Ayako Mori & Larry lan " has chosen "10 Must hear Minimal Tracks week 7".

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