Charlton (Elite Music Management)

Coming from the Dutch city of Rotterdam, Charlton (also known as Tapirus) has been releasing various styles of techno and electro for 15 years!

After living for long stretches in London and Berlin, he is currently settled in Rotterdam working on various music & community projects with the local scene. With a strong connection to his home city, its obvious how the city and its music history of hardcore and techno has shaped one aspect of his sound. He was of course also influenced by his time in London and connecting with Surface Records head Nick Dunton and the renowned Sandwell District / Blueprint waves of UK techno!

Touring for many years, Charlton reached as far as Medellin, Melbourne, Taipei, New York, Moscow + more. Known for releases on MORD, M_REC, Krill Music, Tar Hallow, and Planet Rhythm. He also Co-runs the label ‘POVERTY IS VIOLENCE’ with Nick Dunton.

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