Clap Codex

Clap Codex
Hamburg Deutschland

Exploration and experimentation have always been the driving force behind Hamburg based citizen Clap Codex. It therefore only makes sense that these traits would at some point lead him to the world of electronic music production. By exploring the anatomy of his musical preferences and capturing those emotions in his own productions he soon discovered the aesthetic principles of his trademark style; catchy melodies followed by epic breakdowns and powerful drops to generate that „bass-face“ moment in the club. Although it is no easy feat to pursue such a passion and work in the academic sector at the same time, the creative and cathartic facets of the techno culture perfectly serve as a counterweight to that struggle. So far, his tracks have received critical acclaim from acts such as Lane 8, Matchy, Miss Monique and many more. Clap Codex has already shown that handling academics and creativity simultaneously can not only work, but also fosters success, so let‘s see what the interaction of these two will bring us in the future...

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