"The hellfire queen of gutter techno", "Music for darkside degenerates." - Joe Giuliano, Buzzbands LA

The name “Crescendoll” means more than what it seems on the surface - it describes a charming music maker, a musical conduit comprehensively educated in music and technical production, and stylistically influenced by a wide array of dark and melodic electronic sounds. Crescendoll has been a lifelong music enthusiast and an artist and producer of electronic music since 2010, delivering her music all across not only the California west-coast, but to Miami and beyond. Crescendoll is a lead and producer with local LA music label Wulfpack, among whom her talents and efforts shine the brightest.

After a defining EP release on Archon Records in 2019 and memorable performances in select legendary underground desert gatherings, Crescendoll gained well-earned momentum.

2020 will deliver her to Germany and France for the fascinating and unique experience at Chateau Perche Festival. No matter the destination, she brings her unique blend of techno to the table with her signature grimey darkness, deep desert minimal, growling gutter grooves, and psychedelic progressions. These elements make up that special Crescendoll sound that immerses you completely in spellbinding eerie melodies and charging rhythms - a unique blend of sonic voodoo that will undoubtedly take you on a resonant musical journey like no other.


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