Ines Capable

Hamburg techno DJ Ines Capable takes you into an unavoidable realm of electronic dance music with her constantly growing library of older and newer tracks. Her technoid, driving and dynamic style skilfully combines dark and melodic elements to create an intoxicating atmosphere.

Thanks to her keen sense of the mood on the dance floor and a deep understanding of what sparks the desire to dance and keeps the energy up, she guides her audience through an unforgettable techno dance experience. Depending on the playing time, the atmosphere in the audience and the concept of the event, she adjusts her sound and lets herself be carried by the wave of the party crowd.

Her impressive music repertoire encompasses various genres of electronic music, from techno (Peaktime, Driving) to minimal techno, tech house and minimal to progressive house and deep house. In this way, she manages to weave the diversity of electronic sounds into a unique and harmonious experience.

Enchanted by the pulsating beats and intoxicating rhythms of techno, Ines Capable found her way into the fascinating world of electronic dance music on the dance floors of Hamburg's club scene. Inspired by this experience, she began to create her own musical empire.

After her first performances at private events in 2015, she also performed her unmistakable sound at public events at Wasserschaden and other well-known Hamburg venues such as Purgatory, Fundbureau and Blankenese Kiezinternat (BKI).

Since the beginning of 2022, she has been a regular artist on "ElectronicDanceTV", presenting a selection of her latest tracks in carefully compiled sets and giving her ever-growing fan base an exclusive insight into her musical world.


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