Justine Perry

Justine Perry
Berlin Deutschland

Justine Perry is a Berlin-based techno DJ. Attracted by the Berlin club scene, her sets are influenced by dark and deep techno, bringing the public to a hypnotic experience. Setting up in Berlin, she starting her collaboration with new artistic projects like Art Bei Ton and helped those events to feature more female artists.

As part of the LGBT+ community, Justine embraces the need of getting a more safe and diverse scene, involving more women and queer artists, as well as fighting against any form of discrimination.

Established herself in Europe, she played in prestigious venues, such as Rex Club in Paris, Khidi in Tbilisi, Griessmühle, or Tresor in Berlin, as well as some festivals, like Forte Festival in Portugal and soon Instytut Festival in Poland. Her work has allowed her to perform alongside renowned artists such as Peter Van Hoesen, Dasha Rush, Luigi Tozzi, Blazej Malinowski, Claudio PRC, Electric Indigo and more.

She performed at the finest European radio stations like Red Light Radio, Hoer Berlin, Rinse FM or Clubbing TV.

In 2020, in collaboration with Petit Astronaute, Justine Perry released her first track « Swell » out on DNC Limited.

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