Kolja Broxi

Kolja Broxi is a young artists from Hamburg. Hethrives in the world of dark and dreamy tunes.His Style is a mix between Psy Techno, Peak TimeTechno and Psy Trance. With his clever ear fortrackselection he can feel the needs of the crowdwith ease and is able to perform in various kindoff circumstances. His dark driving sounds andpsychedelic breaks mixed with groovy rhythmsand exhilarating drops have the dangerouscapacity to drive you to an uncertain heartbeatand let out the hypnotic urge to move.

Kolja started to DJ and produce techno music in2021. He quickly got the attention of theHambuger local clubs and started playing thereregularly. He is now an indispensable part of thenorther germany nightlife and hopes to make hisdream of seeing the world through his musiccome true.


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01.12.2023 22:00