Mapusa Mapusa

With a commitment to electronic music since the early 90s, Thomas Johanshon has not only witnessed the evolution of Trance and the rise of all its subgenres. As a DJ and producer he actively took part this process, became one of its driving forces. Browsing through his impressive release catalogue is like reading an exciting story about the infinite possibilities of rhythm and sound once they emerge from a truly creative mind.

It is 1995 when Thomas starts DJing with his rapidly growing vinyl collection. Hooked by electronic tunes already, a trip Goa and a stay in Ibiza are important influences in his career. As a matter of fact, he will never lose the open-minded, purely fun-loving vibe of these places at a time when the only genre seemed to be “Party Music”. Back home in Germany, his eclectic sets as DJ Mapusa Mapusa become an essential part of the emerging Psytrance scene. Teaming up with Fabio, he plays at all the mayor festivals of the late 90s.

Another important step at this time is working together with Shiva Chandra. Their title “Schaukelstuhl” becomes a striking success, setting a milestone along the path of the still young Progressive Trance genre. A mutual album released under the name Auricular is highly acclaimed, as well. There are many more successful cooperation projects, resulting in a multitude of successful releases: Human Traffic with one of the Symphonix guys, Johnson & Haske with German Progressive bigwig Bitmonx, and Fusi & Johnson together with Fabio. As part of these projects as well as solo, Thomas is playing at countless events on all 5 continents of this planet.

The latest step in his musical evolution is working with Marco, well known from the legendary S.U.N. Project, as Johnson & Menichelli. Their mutual sound is a mesmerizing melange of Techno, Tech House, and Deep House. This again is also the musical paradigm of Lexicon Records, a label the two of them founded as an independent platform for modern dance music.

This story about the fun potential of electronic rhythm and sound is everything but finished – as becomes obvious whenever it takes yet another exciting new turn on one of Thomas’ releases or during his DJ and live sets!


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