Mika Henning

Mika Henning is a DJ & Producer based in Hamburg. She is known for her wonderful melodic techno sets and her special feeling for her audience and the melodie.

Mika’s passion for music started in earlie childhood, classic ballet and jazz dance accompanied her since she was 4 years old. End of the 90is she moved to Miami for 7 years where she was first modeling and than dived into the music scene, she played in various clubs and private events, in 2002 she returned to Germany and completely gave her passion to the work as a DJane.

Since a couple of years in wintertime she plays regulary in Capetown and puts the southafrican techno scene on fire with her unique style.
In Italy she played a couple of times for the international filmfestival in Venice in the hottest clubs.

In Munich she was already behind the decks in Pacha and in Hamburg she made her name already and played in all renowned clubs and festivals.

Her 1st produced song „Paris“was released by Paradox Records Hamburg 10th of May 2019, followed by “Papillon” released in May 2020 and “Cloud9” released October 2020....watch out for more to come soon!


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