Rollin' Thunder

Rollin' Thunder hit the inspiration to scratch records in the early 80ies when Beatstreet and Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit' came out. While playing as a Techno-/Breakbeat-liveact (the L.O.G.) and doing kind of regular DJ-sets he specialized in a thing, we call 'third turntable'.

All this using an additional mixer and a single turntable and utilizing external effects such as tape-delay, Wahwah-pedal and more modern digital devices, enables him to put his sounds deeper into the structure and feel of the music. Standing next to other DJs, scratching, playing acapellas, soundscapes and strange noises in general - the Third Turntable Wizzard was born!

Using the turntable as an instrument like this he also played alongside and as a member of bands of various genres, Nu Metal to Latin-American, Hip-Hop to Techno and Breakbeat of course. Finding an opening and adding something is always the goal but to never overdo it.

[Foto Credit Raik Ryker]


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