Tom Vrai (Schalldruck Musik Records)

Tom Vrai
Erfurt Deutschland

Tom started procuding his own vibes in the age of thirteen and it's been quite a long time since then. In the year 2000, maybe a bit earlier, it all began with a very simple music production software on a CD-ROM of a computer magazine. At this time, Tom's favourite styles were House, Techno and Trance, which led to first productions in these genres. A bit later, two turntables and a mixer found a place in the kids' room. Tom created some mixtapes over the years while his favourite music genres changed again and again. Nowadays, he still uses a computer (and nothing more) to create his own tracks which mainly include elements of Deep and Tech House, but also a couple of other styles. The good old vinyl has disappeared, his DJ sets are created using a MP3 controller.

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