Xia Ke

Xia Ke is a musician, producer, and sci-fi writer from Beijing. He has a root of alternative due to being the founder of a shoegaze/noise pop band and releasing an album which takes significant part in the tiny shoegaze scene of China. Since the band was dismissed in 2014, he vanished by diving into the ocean of techno and house music. He started to produce in 2019 and released his debut album "Cats Never Been Here" in Jun 1, 2021.

Inspired by many melodic, ambient and progressive giants, Xia Ke tries to step outside the boundary of any sub genres of techno or house. He combines acid, drifted, fuzzy melodies with solid kicks and basses, blends them into emotional and foggy pads. Besides, the asian spirit in his vein adds more extra ethnic vibes to his creations.

All his music is connected by a desire to explore the unknown. He will keep moving forward to the sea of stars.

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