Zanias (Elite Music Management)

Zanias is a producer, singer, DJ, performer and co-founder of the Fleisch collective and the record label of the same name, of which she is now the sole custodian. Originally from Australia and raised in Southeast Asia, she first became involved in music while attending university in London, as half of the synthpop duo Linea Aspera, and has been based in Berlin since 2013.

In addition to Linea Aspera, which reunited in 2019, her career has involved a multitude of projects and collaborations, including the band Keluar with Sid Lamar of Schwefelgelb, a handful of releases with the band Black Rain, and tracks with artists such as Dax J, I Hate Models, Ancient Methods, IV Horsemen and Fractions.

In all her musical endeavors she utilises sound as a psycho-spiritual catharsis, primarily expressed through an intense vocal performance but no less through evocative melodies woven through industrial rhythms, designed to move both the body and the mind. Both her DJ sets and original productions reflect this aim with an admixture of influences ranging from techno and body music to italo, wave and goa trance.

In 2020 she self-released two solo EPs, titled ‘Harmaline’ and ‘Extinction’, as well as Linea Aspera’s second LP, and produced a second full-length solo album which is due for release in mid-2021 on Fleisch Records.

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