Die Vogelperspektive

Die Vogelperspektive
Bremen Deutschland

In English, Die Vogelperspektive means ‘bird’s eye view’. It’s an apt title for this girl/boy creative alliance as they have a widescreen view on music: they take a view from afar so they can fit more into their minds, and as such their music and sets reflect that fact, taking in golden nuggets from across the whole electronic spectrum and relaying them at places across Germany and at festivals like 2012’s Fusion.

They might have grown up in the cool realm of Northern Germany during the 80s and 90s, but “Die Vogelperspektive” have not rushed things. Instead they have soaked up influences from as many different musical styles as possible and have slowly but surely constructed their own confortable sonic nest from the many different strains of sound that have excited them. Four to the floor is their staple, but within those confines elements from all genres and subgenres have informed their musical make up, and it’s for that reason that these feathery friends are so hard to define but so easy to love.

One thing that characterises everything they do, though, is a warm friendliness, a sexy soul and infectious groove that is as likely to come from an unknown classic of extraordinary beauty as it is a modern day gem full of surprise. Their slogan, Vor Disco sind alle gleich! Means all are equal in the eyes of disco and that couldn’t more true, as you will find out for yourself when new releases see the light of day this summer.

You could say, then, that “Die Vogelperspektive” don’t follow the hoi polloi by flying south as part of the flock, but instead choose the north as their wintering grounds, forever meaning they have their own unique perspective on the music world.

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