AD Bookings

AD Bookings

Amsterdam Niederlande

AD started under the name Artifex Delphinus back in 2003. The agency name originated in Jacques Mayol´s "Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin within Man" concept which links man´s "inner-ocean" with the primordial ocean. "Artifex Delphinus, The Dolphin within Artist" followed this analogy.

Due to the need for name simplification for practical reasons, in 2008 Artifex Delphinus gets shortened to AD, which also reminds of the city from which the Agency operates: AmsterDam.

AD is ran by Manuela Budimilic, born and raised Croatian, living in the Netherlands since 1998, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (minor in journalism) at UCU and Master of Arts in Film, Television and New Media degrees at UvA. Fascinated by arts in general, with a stress on modern and progressive, she always looks at pushing the boundaries forward and beyond conventional.

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