Mona Records

Mona Records

Madrid Spanien

Mona Records is a label focused on the sound Minimal, Techno, Detroit, Deep House, Tech House, Dark Techno, Idm, Electro, Intelligent Techno, Micro Minimal, Electronic…

They have several delegations in Spain (Murcia , Madrid , Pais Vasco) and in Europe in  Italy, Germany, UK ,Brazil and Japan, which contributes to the label to have very good feedbacks, to be charted and listened by thousands of people around the world.

All our music is mastered by our expert engineers at SudBlock Studios , they are giving the necessary sound quality to the final sound of MonaRecords.

If you have a demanding ear and are looking for good dance music, with sounds, rhythms, exquisite and original melodies … we are your reference.

They also have the support of national and international artists such as: Recyver Dogs, Dave Tarrida, S.Sic, Demir & Seymen, Cj Bolland, Teste aka Himadri Gosh, Shin Nishimura, Toru Ikemotu, Hiroyuki Arakawa, A-Tech, Tomo Hachiga, Dj Yuki, Javier Orduña, Poolar, Denite, Buzz Goree, Paula Cazenave, Dj Murphy, Bolumar, Dr. Needles, Dubman F., Burden Brothers, Marquis, Marco Carola, Cristian Varela, Jose Rives, Carlos Cmix aka Raed Soundz, Analog People, Kago Do, Unam Zetineb, Cruz to Cruz, Gabriel D ‘& Bordoy, Gotxa, Elesbaan, Javi Under, Miniroom, Ernie, Ignacio Tardeu, King Austral, Malasaña Man, Brain’s Dissapeared Corp., An Der Beat, Scan 7, Higinio and a long etc …

From 2009 Juanjo Carrasco aka Daytona Team will be responsible of the label and the rest of the team:

Daytona Team selects the music for the label, promotes and connects all the artists that are already part of Mona Records, which contributes to let Mona Records be charted and heard by thousands of people all over the world.

Senmove, the sound engineer of the stamp, through is responsible to make Mona Records have the quality you need.

Poolar and Christian Haro are responsible for the designs and the corporate image of Mona Records and together give the avant-garde touch…


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