Synergy Recordings

Aimed at releasing high-class Melodic House & Techno with occasional Progressive House flavours from some of the world’s finest producers and grooviest artists.

The meaning of Synergy:

“A mutually advantageous conjunction where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

This new label owned and managed by DJ/producer and percussionist Karim Haas, Synergy Recordings, is eager to show the public a new way of presenting a select musical choice by closely working together with artists thus developing highest results of synergy for everybody involved in the process.

This is also our underlying philosophy when publishing our hits.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Synergy Recordings is a label for the world…

Synergy Recordings sets out to be a truly underground platform for the development of synergic and surprising, electronic musical craftsmanship.

Karim Haas has already released a number of singles that caused shockwaves worldwide, winning support from acclaimed international DJs from Japan to the US and Europe getting great reviews in international magazines and websites. The launch of Synergy Recordings is the loss of virginity in the record business, undoubtedly the right decision to bring the world more and better music.


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Release Kat# Datum
SYN104 12.04.2024
SYN103 05.04.2024
SYN102 29.03.2024
SYN101 22.03.2024
SYN099 01.03.2024
SYN098 16.02.2024
SYN097 09.02.2024
SYN096 29.12.2023
SYN095 22.12.2023
SYN094 15.12.2023
SYN093 08.12.2023
SYN092B 01.12.2023




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