Willson Music

Willson Music

Hamburg Deutschland

A company is always a sum of many activities carried out by people and so it is at Willson Music. Our team is made up of different individuals with different tastes and preferences in music. We ask also non-genre people for their opinions when reviewing our repertoire and we think "out of the box" when it comes to special promotions.

We network where we can and are passionate about it.

Willson Music is a modern record label focused on digital channels.

The label was created to help artists release good music quickly and without hurdles, to provide the necessary distribution and to organise promotions.

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Release Kat# Datum
RLS00276929 22.10.2023
RLS00267234 01.09.2023
RLS00260252 25.07.2023
RLS00236862 09.02.2023
RLS00236840 09.02.2023
RLS00197221 01.05.2022