AK 47

Microplastik, Andrea Ghirotti - AK 47

11.02.2022 / SLT037

Next up on Oscillate Records is a label debut from Andrea Ghirotti & Microplastik with their EP AK 47.

Up first on the package is AK 47, a track with cutting highs, dubby kick drums, haunting melodic chords, and atmospheric synths. It shuffles into its peak with twisted hypnotic leads, layered claps and offshoots from its breakdown into what is most definitely a unique and functional techno cut with an experimental and distinctive edge.

Their second track Flex The Cloud is quite dreamy compared to AK 47, yet has just the same punch and energy. Rising synths, intricate drum patterns and quirky nuances lead the way before the high-hats move the track out of its breakdowns. A hefty kick and low end give way to the returning synths as the track rolls into its peak. A definite peak-time track that stands perfectly beside the title track as diverse, while remaining functional for the dance floor.

Completing the package is another remix from Øscillate resident Arron Hunter. Arron takes the original AK 47 and reinterprets it into an equally impressive deeper techier rework that builds in intensity as it progresses. Another nice groover to add to his repertoire.

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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 AK 47 Andrea Ghirotti, Microplastik Techno
2 AK 47 (Arron Hunter Remix) Andrea Ghirotti, Microplastik Deephouse
3 Flex The Cloud Andrea Ghirotti, Microplastik Techno