Be One Wachaka

Ryan Murgatroyd & CIOZ - Be One Wachaka

23.09.2022 / SVT323X

About a year on since his first incursion on Stil vor Talent with the acclaimed "Cosmic Silence" EP, Italian-born Berlin-based producer Cioz resurfaces on the label with "Be One Wachaka", the first single taken from his forthcoming debut album, "Supermassive Whole", scheduled for release in late December 2022. Championing a sound tailored for extensive floor communions and soul-balancing introspection altogether, Cioz graces us with a pristine slice of his broad-spectrum explorations, bending intuitively between deep-diving dubs, big-room polyphonies and proper euphoria-inducing rave artillery.

The lead-single "Wachaka" finds Cioz teaming up with Cape Town's very own Troy Murgatroyd for a round of all-embracing electronics geared towards pure sense-awakening, floor-sweeping let go. Injecting traditional deep house with a vibrant dose of Afro-influenced templates and spacious cosmic interplays, the track swells with a blazing fire at heart that keeps on sprawling infectiously with each and every bar, inch-perfectly engineered breaks and drops providing the epic drive that'll get your feet off the ground and soul fulfilled wholeheartedly. Starting off to the austere sound of church bells, "B1" swiftly veers off into stealth floor-busting mode with its muted sub-bass onslaughts and cascading bleeps coming out of their thick reverb-shrouded squelch to extend into a more pop-friendly, drum-driven environment. In its second movement, "B1" roars with louder than loud, batucada-inspired drum lines and a relentless, sizzling-hot grit that makes it comfortable across all terrains. 


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