Beautiful Beginnings

10.05.2024 / SM0354

The first album by the UK  artist C37 called “New Beginnings” is out now. The emotional downbeat album contains thirteen songs and is available in all well-known download stores and streaming services.

With his innovative sound C37 has created his very own genre: emotional downbeat. He composes pieces that invite inner contemplation, reflection and intense feeling. With his album “New Beginnings”, he enchants us with thirteen songs that complement each other wonderfully in terms of style, yet each one is an individual. Organic elements such as guitars and vocals mingle with warm pads and electronic sounds. He has already released five of the thirteen songs on the tracklist as singles and is following up on them with his album.

“The album is a collection of what can be best described as my diary entries over a two year period of emotional upheaval, at times not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, but never giving up hope. The opening track ‘Beautiful Beginnings’ was written on the day I caught glimpse of light again, emitting from a caring, loving soul. I believe I have captured the feelings the best I can, the emphasis focused on the emotions rather than technicalities”, is how C37 describes his creative process.

This direct sharing of his feelings can be heard in every note of his album “New Beginnings”. At the same time, it can give hope to anyone going through difficult times and paint a silver lining on the horizon.


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