Der Bionaut

Der Bionaut
11.11.2019 / SMR049 Schalldruck Music Records

"Der Bionaut" is Dan Chi's second album in which he tells us a wonderful story. Like the last album it is released on Schalldruck Music Records. Boredome is non-existent here in any case. He shows once more what he is made of. Starting with Deep House, Tech-House, Acid Techno up to Electronica and movie soundtracks everything is here. It's worth listening to the 12 tracks with 66 minutes playing time not just once. So put on your headphones, turn it up nice and loud and close your eyes. Dan Chi takes you on a new journey.

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Sommernachtstraum Dan Chi Deephouse
2 Der Bionaut Dan Chi Minimal Techno
3 Ein Raver steht im Walde Dan Chi Minimal Techno
4 Kriechen Dan Chi Techhouse
5 Leipzig Dan Chi Minimal Techno
6 Hinter dem Horizont Dan Chi Techhouse
7 Denkendorf Dan Chi Minimal Techno
8 Santa Ponça Dan Chi Techhouse
9 Geheimnisse der Tiefe Dan Chi Deephouse
10 Metamorphose Dan Chi Minimal Techno
11 Consti Groove Dan Chi Deephouse
12 Sonnenschweinchen (Feat. Miss Vim) Dan Chi Minimal Techno

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