Desert Dancer / Badiya Madir

Stereophonie, Leela Loops - Desert Dancer / Badiya Madir
08.07.2022 / LA009
Artist / Label:
Various Artists
Les Amants

After a break Les Amants is back in business with catalog number 009 and this one comes again from label boss Stereophonie.

This time with a standout release and a mix of afro-house and downtempo. Very refreshing. "Desert Dancer" comes along very groovy and natural with Afro-American influences and should certainly inspire the fans of the genre "Afro-House"." Quite different is "Badiya Madir" together with the great Producer Debut of Leela Loops.

Here, too, the influences are clearly recognizable, but the whole thing was packed into a Dwonbeat garb and is a narrow tightrope walk between danceable and chill. Absolutely worth hearing , buying & streaming and a great "comeback" for Les Amants.

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Desert Dancer Stereophonie House
2 Badiya Madir Stereophonie, Leela Loops Downbeat
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