Hammer / Strike

07.06.2024 / INMS012

Dirty bass constructions, pounding rhythms, and cinematic melodies characterize Bons' debut on the Hamburg-based label Insomnius Music. With 'Hammer / Strike,' the artist melds dynamic Drum and Bass and captivating beats into an exhilarating atmosphere.

Hailing from Novi Sad, Bons is an emerging talent in the Drum and Bass world. Inspired by his brother, he discovered his passion for the genre in the early 2000s. Since 2011, he has amazed audiences with DJ sets that skillfully intertwine Neurofunk with rolling and minimalist beats. His debut EP, 'Science Fiction,' released in 2017, caught attention, leading to releases on renowned labels. His signature sound is defined by the adept fusion of Balkan film samples and video game elements with energetic low frequencies.

In line with this symbiosis, Bons infuses his release 'Hammer / Strike' with a rich and enthralling vibe, coupled with celestial force. 'Hammer' blends pulsating pads, piercing lead sounds, and a deep, growling bass. Extraterrestrial lead synthesizers break through the storm, and the mission of the fully automated bass hammer is clear: to utterly destroy the dancefloor! 'Strike' is an energizing track with explosive bass, an engaging aura, and an electrifying rhythm. It kicks off with dramatic pads and piano arpeggios, making room for the giant alien robot spider, currently binding synapses with slimy threads. Bons delivers two tracks that captivate from start to finish.


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