Infernal / Limbus

09.02.2024 / INMS010

With an energetic pull, Sindicate, the up-and-coming Hamburg-based producer and DJ, opens up the underworld with his banging release „Infernal / Limbus", taking us on a hypnotic journey through intense, heavy-charged Drum & Bass and Neurofunk.

Joining the ranks of Insomnius Music's fresh talent, the artist's musical journey started with piano lessons at the age of 6. He has since dedicated over ten years to refining his DJ skills, finally taking the plunge into music production in 2020, and is already leaving an indelible impression through international label releases. In his current release, Sindicate presents an enthralling musical passion that harmonizes seamlessly with his technical finesse.

In a dynamic display, the single „Infernal / Limbus” bursts forth with an intense surge of energy, exploring the enigmatic spaces that exist between our world, making escape seem elusive. „Infernal” rides on a driving kick rhythm, where the melody takes center stage, oscillating in triplets from slow to fast, conjuring an apocalyptic realm. An echo-like vocal draws listeners into the depths of hell, while the reese bass mirrors the relentless whirlwind of the underworld. On the contrasting end, „Limbus” establishes a somber atmosphere, augmented by drones and pads that reverberate like a haunting call from distant lands. The hypnotic arpeggio and profoundly dark bass instill a mesmerizing tension in the track. With both compositions, Sindicate unveils a shadowy, enigmatic world that showcases his multifaceted musical prowess.


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