Love Rituals

Love Rituals
27.11.2020 / CIRQ032 Cirque Du Son

Haunting, yet angelical – an instantaneously bewitching crystallised hindu voice from ancient pasts  eerily sets the stage for another epic sparkler by label-head Daniel Bruns.

Spiced with the head honcho’s deep and passionate timeless trademark synth arpeggios, the ghostly beauty of the divine chant fully lifts us up into lofty highs of flowing sonic love. A plethora of atmospheres cushioned on a relentlessly hypnotic groove – pushing and working, this sonic rite is fast forwarding us into the blinding vibes of pure bliss and love.

With Cirque Du Son’s 32rd release “Love Rituals” Daniel Bruns again showcases his longtime love for deep dancefloor vibes, with yet another utterly moving diamond of a tune.

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1 Love Rituals Daniel Bruns House

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