08.02.2021 / ONE001 ICONYC One

To start 2021 with a bang we are proud to introduce ICONYC One, the 3rd chapter in the ICONYC label trilogy. ICONYC One will serve straight up techno made by some of the biggest names the industry has to offer, with the objective of blending deep, granular sound design with the 4-bar rhythmic intensity and patterning that makes the genre so club-effective.

To launch this new exciting chapter, we welcome Soolver with their outstanding 3 track 'Mother EP'. Soolver who hail from Germany have seen their releases grace well-known entities like Umek's 1605, Frankyeffe's RIOT and Metodi Hristov's Set About to name a few.

We kick things off with 'Mother' a peak time melodic techno dance floor monster which features a blend of deep bass tones, driving drum programming, cleverly chopped samples and intricately laced chord progressions, building to a massive breakdown before rebuilding to an unrelenting crescendo of energetic drum beats, chord stabs and an ever-warped bassline. Mother is a club monster that growls from the minute you push the play button.

Next up is 'Verve'; a straight up techno affair that delves into deeper territory, which sees driving drums fused with chord hits underpinned by Soolver's trademark bass patterns, before all manner of varied melodies weave in and out of the stereo field to maximum effect. Fantastic stuff!

To close out the release, Soolver drop 'Jahwe' a stripped back melodic track utilizing a hypnotizing chord as the basis of the track underpinned by driving drums that gradually ease their way to the breakdown before unleashing into a rising melodic hook intertwined with the infectious groove that fades in and out for maximum effect.

Soolver's 'Mother EP' delivers influenced melodic techno beats to start the year in style and that will make everyone smile. Another essential release from ICONYC aimed straight at the soul, be ready to dance to it!

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Mother Soolver House
2 Verve Soolver Techno
3 Jahwe Soolver House

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