28.06.2024 / SVT360

Up with his debut transmission on Stil vor Talent, Sincopat mastermind AFFKT steps up with a duo of absolute mischief-inducing weapons, codename 'Oie'. Both cuts work in that dichotomic gap between darkness and light, channeling both states' energies and harnessing them to captivating effect. Very much inspired by his early days as a father, the two tracks tap in a distinct repertoire, extrapolating elements common to electro, hip-hop and body music with a straight out playful approach. Combining onslaughts of ankle-snapping breaks with a propulsive EBM thrust, 'King of Ocucu' gets the ball rolling on a truly pumping dynamic, revving up the bass-fuelled engines as Moog 1 synthwaves send us spinning into cosmic orbit. A celebration of life over darkness and gloom. 'Pelailla' pulls out further abrasive breaksy maneuvers and swirling Detroit-style kinetics, mixing that future-facing dash with proper club-focussed traction. Tight and spacious all at once, the track whorls frantically in and out of axis, rallying ravers to join its disjointed dance in a state of astral projection. Brace yourselves, here comes AFFKT laying down a pair of heavy-duty monster churners, all set at wreaking havoc wherever they land.


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