Point Break

Point Break
26.09.2016 / DNC017 Dazed & Confused Records

A respected artist in his town and beyond borders, Bardia Salour is next to debut his 3 track Ep Point Break on Dazed & Confused Records. Hamburg based but not bound, Bardia has started his journey as Seidensticker & Salour with releases on Suruba, Visionquest and more. He has then recently decided to have a solo output and embraced us with Point Break.

Bardia’s style is an up tempo, synth based, delayed percussive, alluring style and he gives us exactly this. Point Break is the first track on the Ep, a perfect track for the dance floor and more. Dub Techno which is perfect for every underground floor.

Second on the Ep is Lost in Channels, still a high tempo track though a slower driven track then the previous. Hypnotic sounds are the key to this track, 4/4 kick, hit hats riding along deep dub synth’s and reverb effects. Another dance floor killer if you ask me.

Lastly on this Ep is Sky Five, a liberating track which leaves you floating in the air wanting more and a never ending stop. Popping synths sounds in and out to leave you at a surprise each time. High rides to complement each time give that subtle Techno feel for a more dance floor oriented track. This Ep is a definite favourite in the Dazed & Confused catalogue.

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Point Break Bardia Salour Techno
2 Lost In Channels Bardia Salour Techno
3 Sky 5 Bardia Salour Techno

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