28.06.2024 / BONDDIGI081

Dachshund returns with more deep melodic mastery on 'Profuse'. Living his musical love affair for over 20 years, Dachshund has built a formidable body of work on some of the scenes most robust labels including Steve Bug's Poker Flat, Audiojack's Gruuv to name a few. With a style that focuses on the human presence behind the machine, his approach calls for a sense of creative freedom and studio skill that has seen his music soundtrack parties across the world. Opening with 'Profuse' we are instantly submerged into a world of melodics and detailed sonic discovery. Wonky synths and weird delays in the break offer a left of centre respite before the track intensifies for the second half. Next up, 'Invisible Dub' is a tougher drum groove with nuanced, dubby FX. Perfect for those heads-down-and-dance moments in the early hours before dawn, the drums power you on before warm pads and echoed synths add that indescribable e-moment secret sauce. Finally, 'Distingt' rounds out the pack with a wonky groove you can't help dancing to. Weird melodics hang from the crushed drums creating a hypnotic vibe that just hooks you in from the start. Mellowing in the middle with warm pads, the second half with have you swinging from the rafters!


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