Sternstunde (Joris Voorn Edit)

Solee - Sternstunde (Joris Voorn Edit)

24.02.2023 / SPCTRM037

Sternstunde, as its name suggests, is testament to a producer staying the course. Not letting motivation, or a lack of, get the better of you. A defining moment. Written during a difficult lockdown period, Sternstunde's melody suddenly came together for German artist Solee. It was the catalyst, not only for completing the tune, but also for a stream of new found inspiration.

That same melody was also the hook for Joris Voorn. 'The moment I heard Sternstunde for the first time I recognised beauty in its simplicity.' It soon became a firm favourite for the Spectrum boss, but as with many of his faves he went to work with his scalpel and wizardry, crafting an edit for his sets that takes the track to a new dimension. 'I decided to make an edit that let the melody be more present than the drums. Over the months of playing it I've received so many requests for it to be played at my future shows, so it felt like a good idea to release it.'

A special request. A defining moment. Sternstunde.

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1 Sternstunde (Joris Voorn Edit) Solee, Joris Voorn Minimal Techno