Florian Meindl

Florian Meindl, a techno artist deeply immersed in sonic realms, possesses over two decades of experience. He's a live performer on a hardware setup incl. a modular synth, a studio sorcerer, and a sophisticated DJ.

Since 2006, FLASH Recordings has been his sonic playground, boasting over 250 releases and 40 vinyl records, featuring talents such as Radio Slave, Mython, Jeroen Search, Anml Mthr and Sigha.

Florian's journey unfolds across four albums, including "Nonlinear Times," setting global dancefloors ablaze during his live act tours.

In 2018, Boiler Room Berlin bore witness to a captivating jam session, where he showcased his improvisational prowess alongside Henning Baer, Dasha Rush, Speedy J, Nathalie Seres, and more.

Within his Berlin studio, which recently welcomed a visit from Electronic Beats, Modular Systems, and analog gear shape his sonic landscapes.

Notably, Florian Meindl has graced Berlin's "HÖR" platform with two live appearances, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.

In mid-2024, prepare for a remix album unveiling, adorned with the sonic genius of techno luminaries such as Umwelt, Volpe, Shaleen, Decka, Janzon, Beau Didier, and Gael.

Join Florian Meindl on an odyssey where beats transcend words. 


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