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Trapez is the techno imprint of the Label Traum but acts as an independent label that seeks the connection to the Dj world.

The label has prepared and planted the seed for some artists to become very famous. It has done ground work for many labels to follow in its footsteps. Discovering talents is its mission.  Some of them have become legendary artists!

This includes: AKUFEN, Patrice Bäumel, Alex Under and more.

The label started in the year 2000 and has since then never sold out to any trends or hypes.

The original early core rooster of artists was based on Russian "dub techno" artists such as: SCSI-9, Lazyfish, Yura Moorush, Snookerboy, Multipliar, and was extended through artists such as: Oliver Hacke, Gabriel Ananda, Jeff Samuel, Jeremy P. Caulfield, Ozy, Donnacha Costello Aka Pleite, Florian Meindl, SLG.

Later it has later released prominent artists like: Harvey McKay, Matador, Shinedoe, Taster Peter, John Tejada, A. Tremor, Mark Reeve, Justin Berkovi, Ron Costa, Paride Saraceni, Tim Green, Leghau, Reinier Zonneveld, Frankyeffe, Spartaque, PIATTO, SKOBER, Click Box, and many more.

Releases around 2020-2021 have been more industrial and harder in quality involving artists such as: FAC3OFF, Marc Houle, Dani S Bert, Bassfreq, XAB, Maharti, Reducs, ATAXIA, The Rares, Malek Ales, Mladen Tomic, Mijk van Dijk, Alex Blanco, Epi Centrum, Exparagus, Martyn Playfrd and more. 

The label is always recruiting new faces to stay fresh and strong.

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