Steve Bug

Steve Bug is one of electronic music’s true originals. His relentless commitment to quality - both in his own work and in the many producers he has championed - has made him one of the world’s most revered artists and curators, and along with his label Poker Flat has made a sizeable contribution to building the European house and techno scene as we know it.

Although dedicated to his own labels – first and foremost the aforementioned Poker Flat – Steve’s talents have naturally attracted the attention of other imprints. Bedrock, Rejected, Knee Deep In Sound, Ovum, Minus, Cocoon and Defected are just some of the labels that have championed original tracks and remixes. Steve is also one of the few electronic artists capable of putting out a ‘proper’ album.

Having released no fewer than five full length LPs over the last two decades, his latest Paradise Sold alongside Langenberg - a full ten-track album of exquisitely crafted house music on Poker Flat –was released in 2018 to critical acclaim, and described as “elegantly euphoric” by Mixmag. In 2019 Poker Flat celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking this impressive milestone with a series of remixes of some of its most iconic releases from an incredible array of talented artists. 2019 also saw the launch of a new sublabel for Poker Flat, Sublease Music.

Sublease was set up to champion deeper, more club- ready, tracky cuts from exceptionally talented producers that deserve a platform for people to hear them. This was the ethos with which Steve originally set up Poker Flat, so it seems fitting that as he celebrates 20 years of Poker Flat it’s time for Sublease Music to bring a different sound to the world.


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