Traum Schallplatten

Traum Schallplatten

Köln Deutschland

The German label from Cologne made a seemingly overnight decision to dive into the record label bizz in 1998 when both label honchos Riley Reinhold and Jacqueline Reinhold were invited to play in Buenos Aires for the Goethe Institut. 

The first album release "Elektronische Musik - aus Buenos Aires" directly made it in to the top10 of „The Wire“ magazine and revealed what fine nose Riley Reinhold had for discovering extraordinary music from countries that no label had digged before. 

The British press called it a „hoax“: „all was just invented“. They could not believe the music came from Argentina at that time. 

Early Traum signings were: Fairmont, Dominik Eulberg, Minilogue, Extrawelt, Moonbeam, Process, Philippe Cam, Dinky, Broker/Dealer, Geoff White, Oliver Hacke, Jesse Somfay, Nathan Fake and more. 

Supported by BBC Radio, especially John Peel and musicians, the label was voted several years in the row into the top10 of the best German labels by Groove magazine and won the German Critics Award for their Dominik Eulberg album "Heimische Gefilde". 

Dominik Eulberg advanced to become the most known key artist of the label releasing 3 albums and 27 EP until now on Traum. His latest release "Spülsaum" was released in 2015. 

In 2009 a new phalanx of producers emerged on Traum with artist such as: Microtrauma, Ryan Davis, Applescal, Super Flu and Thomas Bjerring.
After the signing of UK artist Max Cooper we released consecutive 10 EPs by him and also signed artists such as Nick Dow, Rob Clouth, We Need Cracks, Hannes Rasmus, Parra for Cuva, Egokind and Padre. 

In 2013 the TOUR DE TRAUM collection gained a new momentum and is a current force till now! 

Establishing a platform for young new artists put the label in a new situation. 

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