Jean Caillou

Young Jean Caillou fell as a tiny pebble from the sky and struck ground in the picturesque city of Zurich (Switzerland). There the people had an awkward yet joyful custom. Once a year they gathered in great numbers to follow colorful tribal barrows, contorting their bodies to some real outlandish noise. It was at the sylvan aftermath of such a gathering, when the young pebble felt for the first time the immense freedom and energy of a pulsating euphonic moment lost in space and time and has been longing for this sensation ever since.

As the years went by, the not so young anymore Jean Caillou continuously trained his musical craftsmanship to create the sounds, rhythms and melodies he loved so much himself. After some time, the pebble got the attention of a wise Brazilian shaman and together they shared some serious calumet, only to sink at the bottom of the ocean. From there the pebble reemerged, seeing himself reborn as a pretty, but unholy cow, quickly flocking together with some other real loveable conspecifics. Jean Caillou, the cow with the pebbly heart, has been seen lately at the shore of an alpine lake, contemplating over some philosophical issues of time. Let`s see where his journey may lead him next.


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