5 Years - A Bunte Kuh Collection

Various Artists - 5 Years - A Bunte Kuh Collection

14.05.2021 / BK020

The swiss based label Bunte Kuh is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a 14-track compilation. A great and colourful collection of the closest artists and long-standing friends.

Lets just run-thru track by track

  • Dandara - for some people Dominik is the "swiss army knife" when it comes to the countries downtempo scene. "Harmonum" is a deep & developing instrumental made of his modular playground.
  • Jean Cailou - spiced up with a short vocal cut "Eclipse" has an endless and dreamy afterhour vibe made of solid beats.
  • Thom Nagy - Thom's track "Enfold" is a laid-back downtempo track with soft pianos - perfect background soundtrack to focus on some work
  • Dan Bay - Dan supplied a deep bassline tune with nice arped synths called "The Mistery Inside Us"
  • Tisko - the Hamburg based duo Tisko sent "Radiance" - a nice deep tune for the early morning hours
  • Roman Blum - after his "Punye EP" Roman joins the circle of congratulators with "Petra" and feels like a meditating downtempo journey thru Asia
  • Amount - Nayan Soukie aka Amount contributed "Plug Am Feuer" - a super danceable floor track with nice chord stacks
  • Pattern Drama - the producer from Brooklyn did one of the compilations title tracks called "Look Out" - this is Downtempo american style !
  • Matija & Richard Elcox - right after their EP "Tall Tales Of Unknown Places" the duo is back with "Intermitted Paradox" - I wish you could dance to this on an open air festival floor right now, tasty !
  • Kuriose Naturale - the berlin duo was honoured to supply a Remix on the very first Bunte Kuh release - so we are happy to have them back with "Mood Woman". This track has secret weapon potential with these mysterious female vocals.
  • Aquarius Heaven - having male spoken word and tribalistic background chantings inside "Left Right Out" stands out within this compilation
  • Active Void - "Der weisse Kuckuck" is flying on a deeper house mood back into his nest
  • Bardia Salour - another artist from Hamburg who just released the last Bunte Kuh EP named "Mind Control".


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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Harmonum Dandara Downtempo
2 Eclipse Jean Caillou Downtempo
3 Enfold Thom Nagy Downtempo
4 The Mystery Inside Us Dan Bay Downtempo
5 Radiance Tisko Downtempo
6 Petra Roman Blum Minimal Techno
7 Plug am Feuer Amount House
8 Look Out Pattern Drama House
9 Intermitted Paradox Matija, Richard Elcox House
10 Mood Woman Kuriose Naturale House
11 Left Right Out Aquarius Heaven House
12 Der Weisse Kuckuck Active Void House
13 Aphrodite Bardia Salour House