5 Years - A Bunte Kuh Collection

Various Artists - 5 Years - A Bunte Kuh Collection

14.05.2021 / BK020

The swiss based label Bunte Kuh is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a 14-track compilation. A great and colourful collection of the closest artists and long-standing friends.

Lets just run-thru track by track

  • Dandara - for some people Dominik is the "swiss army knife" when it comes to the countries downtempo scene. "Harmonum" is a deep & developing instrumental made of his modular playground.
  • Jean Cailou - spiced up with a short vocal cut "Eclipse" has an endless and dreamy afterhour vibe made of solid beats.
  • Thom Nagy - Thom's track "Enfold" is a laid-back downtempo track with soft pianos - perfect background soundtrack to focus on some work
  • Dan Bay - Dan supplied a deep bassline tune with nice arped synths called "The Mistery Inside Us"
  • Tisko - the Hamburg based duo Tisko sent "Radiance" - a nice deep tune for the early morning hours
  • Roman Blum - after his "Punye EP" Roman joins the circle of congratulators with "Petra" and feels like a meditating downtempo journey thru Asia
  • Amount - Nayan Soukie aka Amount contributed "Plug Am Feuer" - a super danceable floor track with nice chord stacks
  • Pattern Drama - the producer from Brooklyn did one of the compilations title tracks called "Look Out" - this is Downtempo american style !
  • Matija & Richard Elcox - right after their EP "Tall Tales Of Unknown Places" the duo is back with "Intermitted Paradox" - I wish you could dance to this on an open air festival floor right now, tasty !
  • Kuriose Naturale - the berlin duo was honoured to supply a Remix on the very first Bunte Kuh release - so we are happy to have them back with "Mood Woman". This track has secret weapon potential with these mysterious female vocals.
  • Aquarius Heaven - having male spoken word and tribalistic background chantings inside "Left Right Out" stands out within this compilation
  • Active Void - "Der weisse Kuckuck" is flying on a deeper house mood back into his nest
  • Bardia Salour - another artist from Hamburg who just released the last Bunte Kuh EP named "Mind Control".


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