Matija is a well-travelled gentleman: From the Swiss province, where he took his first (and second) musical steps, he was drawn to the street jungle of the German capital Berlin, where he stayed for 6 years and deepened his craft. Together with his then roommate Dave Dinger, he moved around the houses and rocked clubs like Bar25 etc. with him.

And if you make it in Berlin, you take little Zurich by storm: Matija set out to conquer the Swiss scene metropolis after his return. With success: After party series in the supermarket, Hive (and other clubs) he worked for years as a night manager in the Zurich Hive Club and still continues to play in this one as a resident.

As a former night manager of Gonzo, Frieda's Büxe and Hive, he has now been on the road as a DJ for 24 years throughout Switzerland and often internationally, among others with Dave Dinger. With his sets he always provides that certain treat on the dancefloors.


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