Bardia Salour

When Bardia Salour had to leave Iran with his parents at the end of the 1970s, he ended up in Germany because the German authorities were the first to respond to his visa application. A stupid coincidence that was to have a formative effect on Bardia Salour's future life.

He grew up in Hamburg, went to school there and had German, Turkish and Portuguese friends. At home, however, he had a "westernised Iranian upbringing", spoke Farsi and lived a different vibe. As a result, Bardia fell in love with electronic music à la Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder & Co. at the end of the 1980s. The effects of the "stupid coincidence" that once brought him to Hamburg have resulted in various event series and projects of his own in his beloved Hanseatic city since 2001. The events electroart and Dance For Fans quickly conquered the pool position and over the years became a permanent institution in Hamburg's nightlife with international acts, including at Waagenbau, Uebel & Gefährlich and EGO.

Over the years, Bardia has provided the sound for Hamburg's trendy clubs and is considered a guarantee for departure; he has also played beyond Hamburg's borders at venues such as Flex (Vienna), Watergate, Katerholzig, Sisyphos, Tresor, Salon zur Wilden Renate, Zukunft (Zurich), KaterBlau (B), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Ritter Butzke (B), Chalet (B), Baby Boa (Geneva), Frame House (Verona), etc. As a long-time "dance pacemaker" of the Hamburg techno scene, be it as a DJ, producer or organiser of various club series, Bardia's sound captivates dance enthusiasts and lets them experience a deep and original synthesis of techno and house that will remain unforgettable. With his solo productions, Bardia takes a somewhat rougher approach. His first E.P. POINT BREAK was released on the label "Dazed&Confused" from Malta, followed by the E.P. PERSEPOLIS on Salomo Rec. from Berlin with a remix by Sid Le Rock. Under the Seidensticker & Salour project, Bardia has released the "Weird Bazar", "Sue is blue" E.P.s and "Katzenjammer" on Einmaleins Musik, FormResonance and URSL, among others, and has earned high praise from international acts.

The fruit of this union is, among other things, another EP on the Detroit label VISIONQUEST. This was followed by further releases on international imprints such as WIR/Treibstoff, Suruba, Sleep is Commercial, Enough!...


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