Superstitious EP

Bardia Salour - Superstitious EP
10.12.2021 / SLT036

Next up on Øscillate Records is a label debut from Bardia Salour with Superstitious EP.

The title track Superstitious is a melodic dreamscape. There's a touch of magic in every corner of this mix, as Bardias percussion works in tandem with effortless flutters of synth and keyboard combinations. This is a classic in the making!

Bardias second track Glyph is deep, dubby and progressive. Haunting keys and seep arps bring in a mid-frequency texture that you'd be able to see if you were pumping this through a sound system. A hypnotic groover for the real club heads.

Completing the package are two remixes from Øscillate residents Company Is Family and Arron Hunter. Providing contrasting interpretations of Superstitious, both with deep and peak time techno variations.

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Superstitious Bardia Salour Techno
2 Superstitious (Company Is Family Remix) Bardia Salour Techno
3 Superstitious (Arron Hunter Remix) Bardia Salour Techno
4 Glyph Bardia Salour Techno

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