Bardia Salour - Perception
05.08.2022 / SLT041

SLT041 brings the return of Bardia Salour to Øscillate Records with his incredible EP "Perception".

Up first on the package is "Perception", a track with dubby kick drums, cutting highs and hypnotic leads. It shuffles into its peak from its breakdown into what is most definitely a unique and functional techno cut with an experimental and distinctive edge. A true masterpiece created for the early hours of the dance floors.

"Drawn" is a broken melodic dreamscape. There's a touch of magic in every corner of this mix, as Bardias percussion works in tandem with effortless flutters of synth and keyboard combinations.

"Shelter" rounds up the EP with a deep, dubby and progressive stomper. Haunting acidic arps bring in a mid-frequency texture that you'd be able to see if you were pumping this through a sound system. 

# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Perception Bardia Salour Techno
2 Drawn Bardia Salour Minimal Techno
3 Shelter Bardia Salour Techno
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