Concentrate EP

Tisko, Til Von Push - Concentrate EP

13.03.2020 / BK012

Tisko is up next on Bunte Kuh, offering up a selection of melodic gems with the "Concentrate" EP. 'Sal Hi ft. Til Von Push' leads the way as a true stomper of a production with slow stepping drums bringing a darker vibe to the labels sound. The title track then follows, upping the tempo slightly in what is a more minimalistic approach from Tisko as a deep delay drenched "concentrate" bounces from wall to wall over a rich bed of chord stabs.

On remix duty we have a Bardia Salour and Jan Tenner. Bardia's reworks makes an appearance first, launching into a raw techno take on 'Concentrate', as rolling hats and looped melodies rise and fall in a stellar underground edit. Jan then has his spin on Sal Hi, developing the textures from the original as warped sounds and hybrid synths takes centre stage. 


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