Natascha Polké

After living in London for several years and holding a residency at the Roundhouse (LDN), Natascha Polké has taken Switzerland by storm, regularly DJing at Zurich’s infamous Hive while also frequently playing big floors and festivals such as Terrazzza and Motion Beach Festival.

Natascha, however, feels equally (if not more) at home in the studio as she does in the booth. With her debut EP "Stars Wrapped in Skin”, released on ‚Definition:Music’ in spring of 2021 and mixed in collaboration with no other than Jan Blomqvist’s team in Berlin, she has immediately left a lasting mark on the scene.

With her extensive indie/folk-pop background it might seem odd at first glance, that the gifted singer-songwriter now can only be described as one of the up and coming techno artist within Switzerland’s vibrant underground culture. Yet, Natascha play- and powerfully interweaves what appears like an unusual match into sublime, sophisticated melancholic productions, transcending stylistic boundaries altogether.

Since her debut, Natascha Polké has proven incredibly consistent in the quality of her output with her release «Trojan Love» being handpicked for the cover of Spotify's next-to-break-through playlist «Electronic Rising» and her music racking up hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of plays on the streaming platform.

Not surprisingly, one might add, as it is almost too easy to get lost in her driven beats, scenic pads and intimate vocals that tell stories of a lifelong journey between reality and illusion. One thing, however, is crystal clear: the journey of Natascha Polké has only just begun.


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