Trip to Sanity

03.11.2023 / SVT334

With ‘Trip to Sanity,’ Berlin-based producer, DJ, live performer, and Stil vor Talent label head Oliver Koletzki presents a milestone in his 36-year long musical career and his 18-year tenure at the top of global electronic nightlife – his 10th studio album.

The album’s title, “Trip to Sanity” – a reference to the classic German children’s story of the little dragon ‘Tabaluga’ – reflects Oliver’s own path as a DJ within the world of club culture. But it also represents the appeal to an unbroken childlike curiosity as a producer, driven by the utopias of this parallel society. Naturally, Koletzki found his creative spark while performing on the stages of renowned festivals like Burning Man, Coachella, Garbicz, and Fusion, as well as in moments of peace and relaxation on meditative hikes and long beach walks in his second home of Cape Town.

In South Africa, Oliver wrote most of “Trip to Sanity” in the winter, then flashed out and finalised the tracks in his studio at Kreuzberg’s Holzmarkt. Within the last 18 months a collection of complex and varied songs formed, which, typical for Oliver’s collaborative approach, were often created in cooperation with musicians like techno-pop legend Fritz Kalkbrenner, Burning Man chance encounter Talmirage, scene friends Andhim, Hidden Empire, Oliver Klostermann and Niko Schwind, or the exceptional voices Natascha Polké, Malou, LOLY and Marlena Dae. The result is a rollercoaster ride through a diverse spectrum of dance music, effortlessly held together by Koletzki’s unmistakable sound signature and his intrinsic sense for the exact tension between hedonistic dancefloor focus and poppy earworm impact. At the centre of it all shines a joie de vivre that runs like a thread through “Trip to Sanity”: Playful, cheeky, imaginative, euphoric, a rainbow of genres and influences flow into each other, balanced by moments of reflection, melancholy or harshness.

For those who want to experience said state of mind even more intensely, there’s the opportunity this winter as part of the “Trip to Sanity” live concert tour in Germany. A long term dream of Oliver’s, who will present tracks from the new album paired with highlights from his extensive catalogue – naturally performed on an array of instruments in a proper live setup and as an audio-visual Gesamtkunstwerk. For Oliver Koletzki, one milestone follows the other this year.


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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Oliver's Silly Jam Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Klostermann Techno
2 Get on the Bus Oliver Koletzki Techno
3 Stay Until the Light (feat. Talmirage) Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind Techno
4 Branka Oliver Koletzki, andhim Techno
5 Heart on Hold Oliver Koletzki, Fritz Kalkbrenner Techno
6 Mind Games Oliver Koletzki, Natascha Polké Techno
7 My Last Attempt Oliver Koletzki Techno
8 Sonne geht auf (feat. LOLY) Oliver Koletzki Techno
9 Midnight Reggae Oliver Koletzki Techno
10 Is It Real (feat. Malou) Oliver Koletzki Techno
11 Pleasure of the Very First Time Oliver Koletzki Techno
12 Candyflip Oliver Koletzki Techno
13 Space Papi Oliver Koletzki Techno
14 Elevation Oliver Koletzki, Hidden Empire Techno
15 Mantra for Bora Oliver Koletzki Techno
16 Chasing Holes Oliver Koletzki Techno
17 Hasenheide Oliver Koletzki Techno
18 Don't Ever Wake Me Up (feat. Marlena Dae) Oliver Koletzki Techno