Noobz is a french producer influenced by Techno, Minimal and Tech-House. Discrete and unpredictable, he maintains a dark image inspired by the character of a famous video game picture.

We can found his participation on both Ep of the duo Artefact on labels In Rec and Basics Avenue Records.

After retiring from all social networks, Noobz disappears completely for several years to focus on new projects production more personal. It is in 2014 that he resurfaced with the ep Saibot (which contains a remix of Gregor Size) which set out for a new series of productions and collaborations.

His live performances are very rare and discreet, no dates are given for the moment. Having produced in the past under other names, it now seems to have found a unique style of its own.
His obsessive desire to want to disclose anything about him makes him a mysterious character. Only his music tells us more about his perfectionism and his dark button. His next project is called « Netherrealm », a very dark Techno Ep.


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