Unos Decennium

Various Artists - Unos Decennium

29.04.2023 / EGC0162

We are happy to celebrate the first decade of electronic groove culture.


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# Titel Artist(s) Style
1 Recycle Cyril Picard Minimal Techno
2 Segelflug Florian Martin Minimal Techno
3 This Is Not a Way of Life Pascal Billotet Minimal Techno
4 Night Walk Urban Masters Deep House
5 Bouncin' Check Mate House
6 No More Sorrow Marsfinder House
7 A Wolf's Song Joe Bugz Minimal Techno
8 Ahead Roma Bromich Tech House
9 It's Time Electric Revolt Tech House
10 Das Feuer und die Wehr Florian Martin Tech House
11 Static Beat Gruw Frequency Minimal Techno
12 Leopard Noobz Tech House
13 Nervoso Larry Lan Tech House
14 Ketiga Jeff Flohr Tech House
15 Reaktion Assuc Techno
16 Borderline Marsfinder Tech House
17 Dark Angels Antonio Machine Tech House
18 Black Room Alby Sanchez Tech House
19 Tränen der Nacht Grooveterror Trance
20 Annihilator S DEF Tech House