Oliver Wickham

OliverWickham is a producer and vocalist whose sound is rooted in melodic house music and techno. Since childhood, he studied the piano classically and in 2012, began making electronic music. But Oliver never forgot his musical foundation and has always maintained a sense of melody and emotion through all of his work.

In January 2021 Oliver released his first single ‘Indigo’ on the esteemed record label, Anjunadeep. The track was released on the label's 12th annual compilation alongside heavy hitters such as Lane 8, Cristoph, and Monkey Safari to name a few. After the success of 'Indigo' Oliver followed up with the release of another Anjuna single, 'World Away' in 2022.

Oliver has also collaborated with many well-established artists in the scene such as Gorge, Simon Doty, and ATTLAS.

Oliver is also an accomplished music composer and has an extensive career working in the sound industry. Since 2015 Oliver has written the music on numerous television commercials and worked alongside major brands such as Pizza Hut, Reese, Hyundai, and Bud Light to name a few. In 2019 Oliver’s scored his first sci-fi thriller ‘Project Ithaca’. And in 2020 Oliver’s music returned to the big screen in the fabulous CBC mystery/comedy series ‘Queens’. Bringing together his love for electronic music, classical training, and industry experience, Oliver’s scores are unique, memorable, and always suit the story.


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